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herbs and Fruits that are Aphrodisiacs

Lets all face it sex is amazing
but sometimes you feel a bit worn down 
so try these herbs that might help boost your sex life


Rich in B vitamins, organic raw honey supports testosterone production, which can increase desire. It also contains the boron used in estrogen production, which is important for female desire. Use honey to sweeten a cup of tea. Be sure to purchase local if possible and from an ethical source.


It may be the shape that does it for some people, but carrots also contain vitamins that are important in hormone production.


Just like chili peppers, ginger spices things up and increases circulation and body temperature. In fact, legend says famous French courtesan Madame du Barry provided ginger to all of her lovers to increase their desire and improve their pleasure. Mix up a batch of Detox Tea, or add ginger to stir-fries.

 Coconut water: 

The water from coconuts contains the same level of electrolytes as your blood. It is also a metabolism booster that increases blood flow, and thus, may serve as an aphrodisiac. Along with minerals, coconut water is high in vitamin C


This expensive, earthy fungus has a pungent flavor with an aphrodisiac reputation extending back to ancient Roman times. The scent is believed to mimic androstenone, which serves as an attractant to the opposite sex. If you can’t afford a truffle to shave over your veggies, then try a few mushrooms, instead.

Red wine:

In moderation, red wine increases blood flow, relaxes you, and lowers inhibitions. Have a few ounces of red wine, but don’t overdo it.


This sweet pod is a mild nerve stimulant, which can enhance sexual sensation.


The seeds of this luscious red fruit improve blood flow and are rumored to increase genital sensitivity.


Rich in vitamin E, eating asparagus at least three days in a row can increase blood flow and oxygen to the genitals. It also contains potassium, which is vital for production of sexual hormones.


These plump, heart healthy fruit contain folate, vitamin E and omega 3’s. Eating these essential nutrients can improve heart health and sexual performance.avocados which are usually rich in vitamin B6 are said to maximize masculine hormonal manufacturing. And also they incorporate potassium which often aids in regulating the female hypothyroid.

Chili Peppers:

Adding chili peppers to a meal can stimulate arousal by increasing your overall energy, and heating up the body.


Apples are known to spice up the sex drive
giving you energy and  stimulates Glands in your body

Dark Chocolate:

Rich in magnesium and phenylalaline, eating dark chocolate can soothe nerves and raise endorphins.
dark chocolate contains a good amount of cacao and has been found to function as a feminine emotional enhancement. It is additionally abundant with magnesium vitamin and anti-oxidants. Cruciferous fruit and vegetables are a wealthy supply of indole-3-carbinol which is a form of phyto-nutrient which often cleans away unwanted hormones in the system, which is necessary for adequete sexual health in ladies.
 This combination is especially helpful in women, who feel more intimate when relaxed and happy.


A study in Korea found that consuming ginseng can increase the libido, and improve sexual performance.


has exceptional anti-bloating attributes that will enhance the circulation of blood. Garlic additionally posseses anti-oxidants that clean the blood vessels and arterial blood for superior health. 

Tea of Litchi or wolfberry

have been discovered to work in boosting tissue resistance, protecting female gentilia, eliminating fatigue and improving libido. 

 Gingko biloba 

leaves remedy can be added in daily routine. This will help in providing anti-oxidants which will eventually do the job perfectly for increased blood circulation, and will likely also improve general well being. Ginseng can be a natural aphrodisiac for ladies which will induce sexual interest, boost sensation, develop energy and as well to supposedly reducing troubles linked to infertility. 


is one of the well-liked natural herbs which is used in general libido enhancement and it has other qualities reduce and to remedy several disorders in connection with intimate life. Maca is rich in magnesium, vitamins and minerals that are particularly helpful to men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Maca increases vivacity and endurance. It also sustains hormonal balance which blessedly lowers mood flashes, swift changes in moods. This will likely also maintain sex drive. 

Damiana leaves

treatment is known as an aphrodisiac for ladies and functions as a strong and immediate erotic catalyst. It seems to have components that may rouse lust for love-making, increase the intensity of sexual intercourse,and thankfully far better and repeated climaxing for ladies. Damiana also routinely fixes difficulties in connection with monthly periods.


Nutmeg can stimulate the nervous system and increase blood flow. As a result, sex drive is bolstered.


Eating cinnamon heats up your body and, in turn, your sex drive. Cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help normalize blood sugar. Try this warming spice sprinkled on a warm glass of almond milk.


 Strawberries and other Berries such as Raspberries and Black berries are known to jump start the Libido and full of energy to keep you going 


Once nicknamed “love apples” by the Puritans, tomatoes contain lycopene which enhance the libido.


The Pear is known for Centuries as Sex enchancer   Chemicals in the Pear Stimluate hormones in the body to Ramp up the Sex drive and libido


an aphrodisiac for women, this plant-based meat alternative is attributed to relaxing muscles tensions. Women find that when they are more relaxed, they are more open to romance.

Whole grains:

an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Whole grains and complex carbohydrates can provide sustainable energy, which boosts performance.

Remember to Eat  Heathy and have Fun   


 For centuries, people have used this bark as a tonic to enhance sexual prowess and pleasure. Yohimbe's energizing effects stem from its ability to increase blood flow to the genitals in both men and women. It is thought to directly stimulate the pelvic nerve, ganglia, which causes increased sensation. Effects include increased libido, sensation and stamina.

 Horny goat weed.

 A plant that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for sexual dysfunction, horny goat weed is used to increase the libido in both men and women. In studies, it has proven to increase the sexual desire, endurance, and sexual satisfaction in both men and women, using the herb one-two hours prior to sexual activity

I am not a Doctor  so please before you do any of these all natural remedies please  make sure you are not allergic  and check with your doctor and healthy enough for sexual activity

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