Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent Soap

First up I have to let you know  I have been working on this for  4 months now  to perfect this  to have both UV Protection and be Mosquito Repellent   This soap is not that hard to make and I hope you will enjoy it 

This soap makes a great face soap, moisturizes and smells great  Safe for kids too and those with sensitive skin. This soap is gentle enough to use everyday, it cleanses and softens the skin.

I know I could prolly Sell this and make a ton of money but to be honest  money has no meaning to me
I would Rather Show you how to do it yourself and empower you with knowledge  how to make it 

2 4-ounce bar Castile soap  or use Meyers or any favorite bar soap
5 drops citronella essential oil
5 drops lemongrass essential oil
5 drops rosemary essential oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops mint essential oil
5 drops sandalwood essential oil
5 drops Jasmine essential oil 
5 drops raspberry essential oil 
4 drops of carrot essential oil   
3 drops of vanilla  essential oil  
1/3 cup coconut milk or rice milk or almond milk if allergic
4 tablespoons rice bran


Shred the soap over a bowl and set aside.

In a heavy saucepan over low heat, warm the milk and gradually add the shredded soap until the mixture becomes a sticky mass.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the rice bran and add all the essential oils, stirring until the bran is evenly distributed.

Spoon the soap into a mold and let set for four hours or until hardened.

For extra large body bars, double the recipe and use an empty milk carton as a soap mold.

Note to help you Adjust the SPF 

Raspberry Seed Oil. The highest of all natural ingredients, contains an estimated SPF of 30-50.
Lemongrass essential oil has  Natural SPF of 30
Shea Butter. An excellent skin protectant with an SPF of approximately 6-10.
Aloe Vera has SPF of 20
Carrot Seed Oil. Carrot seed oil is an essential oil and has been estimated to contain SPF levels of 30.
Wheat Germ Oil. While super nourishing for the skin, it too possesses a natural SPF of 20.
Jasmine oil,  Mint oil possess natural SPF of 15
Sandalwood oil, Rosemary oil, possesses natural SPF of 10
Rice Bran oil ,Sesame oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp oil, Avocado oil, Soybean, Vanilla and Peanut Oil. All contain SPF levels between 4-10.

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